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Frequently Asked Questions

Balance Transfers

  • What is the balance transfer service?

    Our balance transfer service can save you money by transferring your higher-interest balances from other credit cards, store cards and loans to your Capital One credit card. You can use this service for personal loans, auto loans and other similar accounts, in addition to store cards and credit cards such as Visa®, Mastercard® and American Express®. Balance transfers can only be made between Canadian accounts.

  • How do I initiate a balance transfer?

    You can transfer a balance to your new Capital One credit card during the online application process. Or, once you receive your credit card call our 24/7 cardholder Customer Relations line toll free at 
    1-800-481-3239. You can also log in to Capital One Online Banking to make a balance transfer.

  • Do I need to continue making payments to my other creditors?

    Your balance transfer request will be processed within three to four weeks. Therefore, you still need to make minimum payments on your other accounts until the transfers appear on your statements from these creditors.

  • If Capital One pays off the entire amount, will my other accounts be closed?

    Capital One will not close your accounts. If you want to close an account, you must contact your other creditors directly.

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