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Why Capital One?

We have the tools to make your experience seamless.

Unexpected Charge Notifications

We can spot charges on your Capital One® credit card that you might not be anticipating – and we’ll send you email notifications about them.

  • Annual membership and subscription renewals you might forget about, such as gaming memberships, satellite radio subscriptions, delivery services and more

  • Monthly bills hikes, including increases to cable, internet and phone bills, among others

  • Duplicate charges, when you get charged twice for the same thing within a 24-hour period – like a double charge from a vending machine

This is just one of the ways we’re helping our customers.

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Online Banking

Online banking gives you 24/7 access to your account and more convenience.

  • View your account balance, available credit and payment information
  • Track your purchases

Current cardholder?


Receive customizable alerts by email or text message for the account activities you want to track.

  • Get reminders for payment due dates
  • Know when you’re approaching your credit limit
  • Real-time alerts of suspicious card activity or fraud attempts

Current cardholder?

Set Up Alerts

Mobile Banking App

With our mobile app, you can now manage your Capital One® credit card with ease.

  • Securely access your account – anytime, anywhere
  • View recent transactions, check your balance and available credit, and see payment due dates

Download the Capital One mobile app for your iPhone or Android device.

24/7 Customer Service

Customer service representatives are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day.

  • Call-centre agents are only a phone call away

  • Live Chat with agents directly from your online banking account

You’re Protected

We’re committed to protecting your information.

Don’t have a Capital One credit card? See what we have to offer.