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Online Safety and Security

Keeping your financial information safe and secure is very important to us. We want you to know what we’re doing to protect your information, and what you can do to help.

It’s unlikely that an unauthorized transaction would happen through online banking or that information obtained from the online banking site would result in the unauthorized use of your credit card account. However, if it ever does occur, don’t worry – as a Capital One® cardholder, you’re protected.

Zero Liability

We provide Zero Liability for unauthorized use of your account. That means you won’t pay for any unauthorized purchases on your account, as long as you meet these conditions:

  1. You’ve used reasonable care in safeguarding your account number and card, your PIN and your password;
  2. You haven’t contributed to any unauthorized use of your account; and
  3. You notify us immediately if your account number or card is lost or stolen, if somebody discovers your PIN or if a person uses your account without your permission.

Check the terms and conditions of your account for more information on protection from unauthorized use.

  • How we keep your information safe.

    Our strong encryption technology ensures that any data that passes between your computer and our server is secure.

    • We use firewall systems and intrusion detection software to prohibit unauthorized access to our systems
    • Our VeriSign Secure Socket Layer Certificate means you can be extra confident that banking online with us is secure
    • We automatically send you an alert informing you of any changes made to your online banking profile
    • The online banking website will automatically log off after a period of inactivity during any session to protect your information

    We occasionally verify your identity by asking you to enter a one-time code in order to sign in to your online banking account. When we do this, we’ll send you the code by email or text message. To help ensure you receive this code, please make sure to keep your contact information (email address and/or mobile phone number) up to date in your online banking account.

  • How you can keep your information safe.
    • Choose your passwords carefully and don’t share them with anyone
    • Never carry your password in your wallet
    • Install and maintain up-to-date firewall and virus protection software on your home computer
    • Make sure you log out when you finish checking your transactions on the Capital One website and close your browser
    • Report a lost/stolen card or compromised password immediately
    • Never respond to emails looking for personal information, like passwords or account information – we’ll never ask for this type of information through email

Get more information on fraud protection, and fraud prevention tips, on our website.