Environmental Sustainability

Our approach to environmental sustainability is anchored in our company values.


At Capital One, we recognize the need to monitor and be mindful of our impact on the environment. In fact, our approach to environmental sustainability is anchored in our company values, which include doing the right thing for our customers, our associates and our community.

Reducing Our Footprint

We understand that our business operations have an impact on the environment and we're working to reduce our carbon footprint. Over the years, we have taken steps to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, the waste we produce and the resources we use in our everyday business.

Here are some examples of how we reduce our impact on the environment:

  • We moved 95% of our direct marketing to 100% recycled paper, which reduced the greenhouse gas emissions from this type of paper by 33%
  • We use 100% recycled paper for office use
  • By using technology such as wireless networks, laptops and projectors in meeting rooms, we reduce our office paper consumption
  • We make use of video conferencing, teleconferencing and web conferencing to reduce travel when possible
  • Capital One Canada supports telecommuting, where associates can work from home, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions from commuting