Fraud Protection

Our customer fraud protection promise.

We promise to do everything possible to protect your credit card from fraud:

Protect – We employ a suite of fraud protection tools to minimize the chance of fraud occurring on your credit card account.

Monitor – We watch over your credit card account, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Resolve – The truth is that fraud does happen, but if it should ever happen to you, we'll work hard to help make it right. Remember, if you have a Capital One MasterCard®, you're covered by the MasterCard® Zero Liability policy, which means that if your credit card is used without your authorization, you won't be liable for those charges, provided certain conditions are met. See our Safe & Secure Online Guarantee for more details.

1. Don't leave your receipts behind.

Never leave receipts and carbons behind where someone could pick them up – especially ATM, supermarket and self-service gasoline pump receipts. Also, never let anyone put your account number on a cheque or any other document not associated with a purchase on your account.

2. Don't give your account number over the phone.

Never give your account number to someone calling you on the phone, even if the caller says it'll be used to claim a prize or award.

3. Additional tips to help you prevent fraud.

  • Store your credit card in a secure place where you'll immediately know if it's missing.
  • Sign the back of your credit card as soon as you receive it.
  • Never leave your credit card as a security deposit or as identification. Instead, use your driver's licence.
  • Never lend your credit card to anyone.
  • When you're expecting a new or replacement credit card, look for it in the mail.
  • Report a lost or stolen credit card immediately.
  • Never carry your PIN in your wallet or write it on the back of your credit card and don't choose an obvious number for your PIN, such as your birth date or telephone number.
  • Review your credit reports regularly. This may be the only way to identify if you're a victim of identity theft.
  • Keep a list of account numbers in a safe place along with corresponding customer service phone numbers and addresses. This information is very important if you ever need to report a problem immediately to your creditors.

Have you become a victim of fraud?

Our Guide to Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft has the fraud protection information you need to protect your identity and your credit.