Hiring Process


Read about our hiring process.

We believe in two-way conversations. So expect our hiring process to be as much about your finding the right company as it is about our finding the right person. We want you to be successful and make a difference at Capital One® so we encourage you to ask questions to see if we're the right fit for you.


• Once you've registered through our external site, view FAQs and create and store your resume
• Be sure you're applying for the right jobs for your experience and interests
• If your experience, skills and talents match a job opening, a recruiter will contact you to begin the selection process


We've identified various assessments that help us predict your fit with different roles at Capital One. They are designed to assess:

  • Your work experience
  • Your preferred workstyle
  • Your ability to solve problems and draw logical conclusions

Depending on the job you're pursuing, you'll face a series of tests, starting with online assessments that you can take from your home computer or wherever you have Internet access. Once you apply for a specific job and advance through our recruitment process, you'll have access to test examples that are tailored to that position. If those initial assessments indicate you're a potential fit, you may be asked to visit our external testing partner for additional assessments.

Online Test Resources This Candidate Helpline offers test preparation and test-taking tips.


Once you've gone through our application and testing phases, you may be asked to come in for an in-person interview.


We go to great lengths to make sure our assessments are as accurate and as fair as possible. We do this with a wide range of interviewing methods that include behavioural interviews, case interviews and work simulations. The type, number of in interviews and interviewers, length and complexity of questions will vary depending on the position you're being considered for. Your potential colleagues are among those who will be conducting your interviews.


During our interviews you'll get the chance to share detailed information about how you've performed in previous work-related situations. We'll ask you to share examples or specific situations you've encountered and dealt with in the past. In addition, we'll ask you about your interests and encourage you to ask about our organization and career opportunities.


For some jobs, like analytical roles, we believe the best way to assess your problem-solving skills is to talk about a business problem. Case interviews are broad, two-way discussions rather than one-way tests. You'll be assessed more on how you deal with the problem rather than on your specific answers to it.


Read about our hiring process.